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This course pulls from the incredible and inspirational Julia Cameron and her internationally acclaimed book The Artists Way. Julia created the Artists Way to help people connect through a spiritual path to higher creativity.


I believe passionately that we are all creative beings and that we can all find connectivity and healing through harnessing our creativity.

As many of you know when I’m not on my yoga mat you will generally find me nestled into my sketchbook and my dream world of art and illustration.

Art helps me to express myself and the combination of yoga and art have been crucial elements in healing and supporting my mind body and soul over the years and now I’d love to share this journey with you.

This course is a playful exploration of your inner artist. REMEMBER WE ALL HAVE ONE! And a deep dive into your inner world, your beliefs and any blockages. 

This workshop is for everyone, and particularly for those of you that are thinking ‘but I am not a creative’! NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! This is a non-judgemental practice which will leave you feeling light, free and open to possibilities in 2021

What to expect:
 a non-judgmental experience!
 replenishing and supportive YOGA sequencing for cultivation connection to FLOW for releasing our CREATIVITY
 balancing MEDITATIONS 
 ART THERAPY techniques

Each week we will begin with a grounding meditation before some gentle movement which will be a mixture of Slow Flow and food placed replenishing practices.

We will then do a ‘check-in’, during this informal chat, you can chose to share verbally as much or as little with the group as you desire.

We will then have short preview and look into the following weeks work.

The tasks assigned throughout The Artist’s Way will help dismantle negative core beliefs that can unconsciously block you from your well of creativity and dictate how we respond, react and live our lives.

This course is for anyone who wants to cultivate a sense of possibility, abundance and the confidence to pursue they’re dreams.

What you will need:
* The Artists Way by Julia Cameron
* An A5-A4 notebook for journaling, whichever size you like to write in.
* A willingness to dive deep, confront your fears and to maintain a senses of curiosity and an open mind!

A morning of dreaming through visualisation, creativity and journaling.

Sunday 18th April

This session will be infused with creativity through visualisation, meditation, Restorative Yoga, Art Therapy and more!

We will infuse our practice with the ancient wisdom of Yoga and the ‘dropping’ and ‘shedding’ of old stagnant winter (kapha) energy.
Drop in, realign with your needs and desires and stride forward into the abundance of spring/summer with clarity! 

Join me for a sweet surrendering Sunday morning session.

The theme of this session is based on making contact with the body, understanding the body as the container to our experiencing and experiential embodied practices to explore this connection.

Suitable for all levels of practitioner, ideal for anyone wanting to slow down and ‘settle in’. Every-body welcome.

What’s included in this workshop:

  • Restorative wall work (a door or wardrobe will also do the trick!)
  • meditation
  • gentle embodied movement
  • journal prompts
    a deep dive into relaxation

Sunday 25th (online)
Investment: £15.00

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