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E X P R E S S I O N @ Shiva Studio
A course in Yoga + Creativity
(12 Week in-person course)
When: Sunday 26th Sept – Saturday 11th Dec 2021
Time: 1 – 3pm
Where: Shiva Studio
This event is for IN-PERSON only bookings, please refer back to my website booking page if you would prefer to attend the online course. 
This course pulls from the incredible and inspirational Julia Cameron and her internationally acclaimed book The Artists Way. Julia created the Artists Way to help people connect through a spiritual path to higher creativity.
I believe passionately that we are all creative beings and that we can all find connectivity and healing through harnessing our creativity.
As many of you know when I’m not on my yoga mat you will generally find me nestled into my sketchbook and my dream world of art and illustration.
Art helps me to express myself and the combination of Yoga and art have been crucial elements in healing and supporting my mind body and soul over the years and now I’d love to share this journey with you.
This course is a playful exploration of your inner artist. REMEMBER WE ALL HAVE ONE! And a deep dive into your inner world, your beliefs and any blockages.
This workshop is for everyone, and particularly for those of you that are thinking ‘but I am not a creative’! NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! This is a non-judgemental practice which will leave you feeling light, free and open to possibilities.
There will be no physical art class style tuition or painting classes I promise! This is a course in meeting ourselves, understanding what blocks us from doing the things that light us up! This course is helpful for anyone manifesting a new dream, a new career path or project, or feel the ache for change but have uncertainty about what it is they want to manifest.
What to expect:
✨ a non-judgmental experience!
✨ journaling prompts
✨ replenishing and supportive YOGA sequencing for cultivating connection to FLOW for releasing our CREATIVITY
✨ balancing MEDITATIONS
✨ ART THERAPY inspired techniques 
✨ Access to the Whatsapp group (should you like to join it) this is a space we can share insights, useful links and can ask any questions between sessions and receive support from myself and each other.
Each week we will begin with a grounding meditation before some gentle movement which will be a mixture of Slow Flow and floor-based replenishing practices.
We will then do a ‘check-in’, during this informal chat, you can choose to share verbally as much or as little with the group as you desire. The tasks assigned throughout The Artist’s Way book will help dismantle negative core beliefs that can unconsciously block you from your well of creativity and dictate how we respond, react and live our lives.
This course is for anyone who wants to cultivate a sense of possibility, abundance and the confidence to pursue their dreams.
What you will need:
* An A5-A4 notebook for journaling, whichever size you like to write in.
* An A3 sketch book, you can find these in scrapbook form also in many of the bargain shops like Poundland.
* Any coloured pencils, pastels, felt tip pens, old magazines and a glue stick would all be beneficial but not compulsory.
* A willingness to dive deep, confront your fears and to maintain a sense of curiosity and an open mind!
Investment: £190.00
* Payable in two payment installations of £95
Please note WEEK ONE of this in-person course falls on a SUNDAY, from there on the sessions will fall on consecutive SATURDAYS.
I am so excited about this course, this will be a small group so numbers are limited, please get in touch ASAP to reserve yourself (and your inner artist) a place.
* to get the most out of this course you will need to purchase your Artists Way book way ahead of time. So please purchase (Amazon is a good place to find it) as soon as you confirm you booking.

6 Wk Course 5:30 – 6:30pm
October 6th – Nov 10th

Join us at the stunning Shiva Studio in Newquay for a fun and creative exploration of Yoga, essential oils, mudra, mantra, meditation and crystals on our journey of the 7 main chakras.

This course includes UNLIMITED ACCESS to my online video library throughout the duration of the course; so what we learn on the mat we can take home and practice and rewatch as many times as you desire! Each Collection focuses on its correlating Chakra through 5 x 1hr videos (35 videos in total!) in each Collection we look at what an over active/underactive and imbalanced chakra might look like and how to restore balance through breath, sound, movement and mantra.

Live far away? Struggle with timings? With technology being the incredible tool that it is, you can now join us live in the studio from the comfort of your mat!

Can’t make the course? Videos are available to purchase separately Head to my online shop to purchase. You can play, pause, and rewatch as often as you like for one year!

Pssst…each week you will receive a FREE gift 💝

Learn how to clear blockages and understand and recognise deficient and excessive chakra imbalances to optimise your health and vitality.

Investment £90.00
Instalment option of 2 x £45 available

Limited spaces available

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