My First Yoga Doodle Workshop

I have been dreaming up this workshop for the last couple of years! The thought of fusing my two passions in life, art and yoga filled me with total excitement, it just had to be done. So I put my Pentel 0.3mm technical-wonder-pencil to paper, filled with enthusiasm, ideas and inspiration only to realise… I was terrified! Other than teaching a couple of friends how to draw and doing an intimate drawing session with students on retreat in Mexico last year, this was the first ‘professional’ offering of this concept.

So I took a deep breath, pushed my inner critic aside and after teaching a session that felt filled with lightness and flow I knew almost instantly I was meant to have offered this session. I am now left feeling so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to share my two favourite things yoga and art! I was blown away by how fearlessly the group took to digging deep into their creativity and reconnecting to their inner artist! Thank you to all involved. The session involved so much goodness!..from a very playful yoga session to a ‘doodle meditation’ which involved music, visualisation and coloured pencils, to a drawing class. The whole thing felt like, well, nourishment. I believe we all have an inner artist craving to be heard and what really lite a spark for me, was to see all the students that had nervously or inquizatively enquired about the workshop ‘but I’m not an artist, but I can’t draw/I’m not very creative /can I still come?’ bloomed into fearless, open hearted bundles of creativity!

I loved walking around at the end of the drawing session, I could see that even though I had taught exactly the same thing to every single person in the room, each persons drawing looked totally different and wonderful in their own right! I could really get a sense of the ‘style’ and inner artist of each student, it simply felt magical!

My next yoga-art fusion will be a mandala and yantra workshop, more dates to be announced soon! Sign up to my newsletter at the bottom of the page to find out more.

Happy doodling!

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