Ayurveda & TCM for Seasonal Balance Workshop

When: Saturday 10th October 2020 @ 11:00 – 13:00
Where: Online (Zoom)
Investment: £20.00

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A morning absorbing in traditional Ayurvedic techniques and the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine theory to encourage a smooth transition through to the cooler months ahead.

This workshop focuses on keeping Vata Dosha (in TCM – the Metal element) in check.

Vata is one of the 3 main elemental energies in the ancient holistic system of Ayurveda, that can become imbalanced.
Vata is associated with the season of Autumn. The elements associated with Vata dosha are Air and Ether or Space, this is reflected in the qualities of Vata which are light, dry, cold and mobile.

The qualities in our environment reflect and effect our internal environment. When you think of a dry windy autumnal day, that is perfect Vata aggravating weather! In these cooler days ahead Vata can begin to accumulate in our system and through our physical and mental health off balance.

Because an imbalance in Vata wreaks havoc on the nervous system, in this workshop we will also be looking at ways of tapping into the parasympathetic nervous system to ease our stress response through the Somatic Stress Release technique and step back a gear to optimise our health and energy.

This is the perfect time of year to honour the need for rest, just like an animal preparing for hibernation, we too need to slow down in order to honour the changes in nature and to enable us to rise up out of the winter feeling refreshed and ready for the months a head. We’ll be working with gentle, supported postures, calming breathing techniques, meditation, daily routine and even diet to help you feel ‘nestled-in’ to the body, restored and ready for whatever life throws our way, and allow for a sense of calm, control and serenity to lead the way this autumn/winter.

The style of yoga and therapy we will be predominantly focusing on will be Restorative, Yin and Somatics.

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